Fight Malnutrition Slider Fortifying Child Health
By Nutrition
Fight Malnutrition
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Project Slum To School Learning Makes
Life Meaningful
Project Slum To School
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Project Plant A Caretaker Oxygen For The Planet
Livelihoods For All
Project Plant A Caretaker
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samvardhan slider Rural Capacity Building
Sustainable Economies
Project Samvardhan
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Project Balvatika Early Education
For Underprivileged
Project Balvatika
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Project Vastra Reviving Handloom
Empowering Weavers
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Project Dharohar Uniting Youth For
Nation Building
Project Dharohar
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Our Initiatives

Our Main Initiatives

Our impact-oriented focus is the empowerment of the urban underprivileged and the upliftment of rural masses through six initiatives.

Hunger Free Nation – Fighting Malnutrition and Sustaining Wellness

School Of Sustenance – Sustainability by Environmentalism, Skill & Livelihoods

Sowing The Seeds – Saving our Seeds and Breeds

Lessons For life – Child Development by Education and Lifestyle Techniques

Bridge For Artisans – Supporting Rural Talent by Conscious Consumerism

India First – Nation Building by Narratives and Entrepreneurship

Hunger Free Nation

Let us pledge no one goes hungry while ensuring food security through nutrition and education.

Lessons for Life

Education and Realisation of it shall build young citizens a bridge to achieve a productive future.

School of Sustenance

Ecology is necessary for its survival, hence education and supported activism are the apt means to effect the goal.

Bridge for Artisans

Art and Aesthetics are the latent potentials of India which can generate livelihood opportunities.

Sowing the Seeds

Enhancing Agriculture and Livestock Management is key to the successful run of the economy.

India First

Narratives and Actionable inputs can drive a nation forward while preserving heritage and its culture.